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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pixel's Top 5 Valentine's Day Tips for Showing Parents You Love Them

I'm sure you'll agree that most all pet parents go above and beyond to show their beloved pets just how much they are loved and cherished. There's so many little and big things that Mommy does for me on a daily basis that I wouldn't even know where to start. I am one lucky and blessed little girl! Pets spend their lives giving unconditional love from our hearts because that's just who we are, but there are some additional things we can do to give little joys and added smiles to our parents hearts and faces. So on this Valentine's Day, I wanted to share just a few of the things I do to show Mommy that I care and that I really love her.
1. Help Out Around the House

I think it's important to help with basic chores whenever possible. There's lots of little things that a dog can do around the house to be useful and help make it a little easier for Mom or Dad.
For example, pre-washing the dishes makes it easier for a quick soap and water wash of plates and spoons.
Something else you could do around the house is to pick up your toys after playing with them and put them away to help prevent tripping. I like to pile all mine up in the middle of the kitchen so they aren't in the hallway walk area.
Another very helpful thing you can do around the house is to tear up cardboard and paper products that must go into the trash. Large paper plates, cereal boxes, kleenex boxes and soda can boxes are just a few of the things I like to break down for Mommy so she doesn't have to deal with that tiresome chore. It's the least I can do.
2. Make Sure They Get Play Breaks
 Parents work very hard, and they often don't take the time to play when they should. It's up to us to ensure they don't work too hard and get the proper mental and physical breaks when needed, whether they work from home, are working on a home project, or are just doing daily chores.
If I think Mommy's been working too long or too hard, I'll start by providing a little comedic relief in the form of some silly smiles and a forced belly rub.  Then I might jump up and turn back looking at her as if to say, "Come with me, let's go find a toy to shake for a few!" If that doesn't work, I'll bring the toy to her and drop it right on her laptop. You just have to gauge the situation and adjust your tactics as the need arises.
3. Share Your Food With Them
Nothing says, "I love you" more than sharing your food with the one you love. Mommy absolutely adores this particular look on my face. So what I love to do is save her some of my pumpkin blueberry banana oatmeal breakfast cereal on my chin like so (see photo), then I'll seek her out in the house and give her this look. She gets all mushy inside and will pretty much drop everything to share the sweetest puppy kisses with me. It's the most loving experience for both of us!

4. Give A Surprise Foot Massage
It might not be for every pet parent, but I've been doing this for Mommy for years. I just go up to her when she has socks on and paw her feet gently with one of my paws. It's very relaxing for us both.
5. Master a Trick or Command That's Been a Challenge
This is something that will make your Mommy or Daddy so immensely happy because they will not expect it at all. You, however, should expect lots of high pitch praise, affection, treats possibly and other accolades for being such a good little one. My latest surprise mastering was being successful at a drive in window. I like to bark at any and all drive through windows, even the ones that give out food. I don't know why...I just do. Even after 8 years, I still have a hard time of it sometimes, even with Mommy's consistent guidance. Well, one day recently, we went through a particular drive-thru that I always bark in and I only had to be corrected once. Then I was a super quiet Pixel! OH my goodness, Mommy was so super duper happy with me, and thrilled. My success really told her I loved her very much and it made her feel so good!
These are just a few ways that pets can show their parents that they are special and loved. Never forget the tried and true hugs, kisses, snuggles and wuzzles, but always try new and inventive ways to show them how much you love and adore them. Happy Valentine's Day!
Read about 10 fun things you can do for your pet to show YOUR love in last year's Valentine's blog post entitled "The Joy of Love - Pixel Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Pet".

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Joy of Love - Pixel Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Pet

Happy Valentine's Day!
It's Valentine's Day weekend friends. Showering love on your dear ones isn't limited just to humans, just as it isn't limited to only one day. Dogs love spending time with their humans, they love getting gifts, and they love to play and show their love. Remember, pets have feelings too. We spend all day waiting for you to come home when you are gone. We want to spend every waking moment with you. Since Valentine's Day is on a weekend, why not do something extra special with your pet to let them know they are your one and only furry Valentine?
Here are some of my favorite ideas for showing your pets they are special this Valentine's Day...
1. Cook your pet a meal or bake a batch of dog treats.
Let pup watch you prepare it and take part in it. Make it a fun activity you do together. Use safe foods they can lick from the spoon or spatula such as chicken, pumpkin or peanut butter. Then, sit down and actually have a meal together.
Mommy lets me lick the spoon and gives me little bits of chicken as she makes her famous chicken and rice, making it a fun experience we share.  I wrote an article recently on safe foods for dogs that make for a great addition to a special meal or treats! And don't think that baking is just for ladies either. Lots of the best bakers are men.
2. Have a one on one grooming time.
I don't mean take them to the groomers, I mean get a special brush or comb, maybe some scissors if they have a few knots, and have a gentle petting/brushing session with lots of love. Take your time. Make sure there's not stress, let them lay their back or do whatever is comfortable. I know Mommy will start by just petting me and getting me all sleepy and comfy, then she will bring out a soft brush or a "slicker" brush to gently get the knots out. I love it!! It's a HUGE difference for your pet than having to stand on a public grooming table at a groomers with lots of strange dogs and cats (no offense to other animals), and being perhaps rushed along in getting brushed, possibly getting nicked in the process, and not getting the extra care that our beloved humans would give us with a loving petting/brushing fest. Follow it up with a bunch of their favorite treats!
3. Have a long outside play date (if the weather's right).
If it's warm outside, or if you love the snow, take your pet on an extra long play adventure outside. Bring a few of his or her favorite toys (a Kong Wubba is always a great choice!) and focus on you and your pet sharing some fun together.
Given that a lot of us have snow on the ground, but love the snow anyways, you could plan a few outside play times that are shorter so you both don't get frost bite but can enjoy romping together. Your pet will LOVE it!
**NOTE:  If you take your pet out in weather that is even remotely cold, please be sure to bundle them up in warm clothing. Yes, fur covered pets get cold too. Our paws can also get seriously injured by the snow melting salt on the ground, so be sure to wipe our paws after we come inside each time. And have a warm blanket ready for us to get bundled up in once we've had our fun. Our family likes to put a few blankets in the dryer and have them getting warm so that once me and my sisters are back in front playing outside, we have really warm blankets to get wrapped up in. Not to mention the electric throws we have on each couch and chair so that every dog in the house has a warm place to lay.
4. Have a wild inside play date.
If you can't go outside due to weather (it IS winter after all), then have a big giant play fest inside. Clear a big place in the living room or family room, remove anything breakable from possibly being in reach of a fun playful time, pull out ALL the toys from the toybox, and have a ball. ...have 10 balls! Let your pet go a little crazy! Allow yourself to really get into it. Remember that your pet is devoted to you 100% and they love to play with you so let them have extra time being silly with you. It will really make them feel special and loved. Let them wear themselves out! You can always clean up the disaster area of toys later while your happy and sleeping cat or dog is dreaming of all the fun you just had.
5. Have a "Special Delivery Valentine" delivered for your pet.
Pets love getting gifts just like humans do. What a wonderful surprise it would be for your pet to have one of their favorite toys delivered right to their door! You can set it up yourself. I was surprised with this amazing gift of a red wagon filled with my favorite little duckies who ALL wanted to come live here with me. I was elated and it was one of the BEST gifts I've ever received! The "special Valentine delivery" doesn't have to be expensive. You know what your pet loves. It can be something simple and sweet. The point is, when they go to the door, there is a surprise for them there and they get to enjoy it.
**NOTE from Mommy:  These little duckies are less than $2.50 each, and I already had the wagon from a Christmas display. So, for less than $20 I gave Pixel the surprise of a lifetime.

6. Take your pet on a car ride and/or shopping trip just for them.
Whether you just ride around in the car for a while just to drive, or take a car ride to your pet's favorite store, it will be a fun outing for both of you. I love riding in the car with Mommy. Even if she just goes to the pharmacy, I'm ready to jump in the vehicle with her. We sing songs, she talks to me and we just enjoy the time together. If you do go to the store, make sure to let your pet pick out whatever toy they want (within reason of course, heehee). Your pet might even like going to a drive through food place...I hear there's a few places that even have food for dogs! They are in bigger cities, but if you do some research, you just might find a fun new place that you and your pet can go to and enjoy a meal together.
7. Learn or practice a new trick together.
One of the best ways that Mommy and I bonded and still continue to bond is with our trick learning and practicing. Pets love to learn new things, we love to please our humans, and of course, we love to have fun. Positive reinforcement is the only way to go when pets are learning something new of course. Have a small bag of small treats (break up bones you have into tiny pieces - a hammer works great on a zip lock bag of dog bones), and a simple trick you'd like your pet to learn, such as putting their paw in your hand. Say one word like "Paw" or "Shake" and then take their paw in your hand, say good girl/boy, and give them a small treat. Repeat a few times, always being positive. If they start to do it even a tiny bit on their own, tell them good girl/boy and give them a treat. They'll be on their way in no time! Of course it won't be learned in a day (or maybe it will) but it's a fun new activity to start and it makes your dog feel special and loved, like you want to be there with them, interacting one on one with them.
For detailed tips on training your dog, here is a link to one of my Pixel dog training articles.
8. Hug
9. Kisses
10. SNU GGLES!! 
(Why,  these last three were just WAY too easy!)

These are just a few ways to make your pet feel special, loved and appreciated this Valentine's Day and everyday. Make them a part of your celebration! And of course, nothing beats some good old fashioned snuggle time!
Do you have a fun way you show the love to your pet? I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below and share the love. Happy Valentine's Day!

This blog post about love and the many ways you can show it to your pet, including the special last photo of me and Mommy sharing the love, is part of a wonderful blog hop that my friend The Lazy Pit Bull is hosting called #52Snapshots of Life, where each week a different theme is the focus of our photos and blogs. This week's theme word was LOVE. How very fitting! I hope you enjoyed the love I shared and I hope you'll visit some of the other blogs sharing the LOVE on this Valentine's weekend. If you'd like to join in the blog hop fun, just use hashtags #52Snapshots and #PBSG and visit the host for more details.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Joy of Being Mommy's Special Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I surprised Mommy today by pulling out, of all toys, my special "Puppy Love" red heart toy and brought it to her. I knew that she would know immediately what I was saying to her...that I am her special Valentine and she is mine. She absolutely loved that I brought this to her. We know each other's hearts because we were meant to be. Isn't it wonderful to have a special Valentine who just happens to be your soul mate? Mommy sure is mine!
Pixel says "I love you Mommy" with a super big for her Mommy