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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sister Selfie Sunday: Jellie Learns To Love The Camera

I've been working real hard to help my sister Jellie get more comfortable in front of the camera. She's a real cutie patootie and should be photographed and celebrated as much as any other super model.
Problem is, she tends to freeze up, look away or just get super self conscious whenever the camera comes out. I keep telling her she's a natural beauty and that she's got a lovely smile, but I suppose we all have our insecurities. So, for today's "Selfie Sunday" I got some of our fur sisters in on the act.
Dixie Mae (the black and tan Dachshund) and Bella Boo (the copper Dachshund) really know how to work the camera! It certainly helped bring Jellie out of her shell a bit, and it was really fun doing group photos with them.
We let Jellie take photos of Bella and Dixie Mae to see how fun it was...this helped her feel more comfy in the group shots.

We put the camera back on the tripod, set the timer and took more group shots. Jellie's looking right in the camera now. Way to go Jellie!

In the end, Jellie was giving silly faces. It was hilarious! I think this last one could be a great music album cover don't you agree?
We had so much fun taking part in today's Selfie Sunday Blog Hop. It is hosted by my dear friend Janet Blue & her Kitties on their blog Cat on my Head. This is such a fun hop! I hope you'll visit some of my friends below to see their cool and entertaining selfies.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Joy of a Warm Cozy Fireplace, a Pixel Favorite!

I am not sure when I first discovered just how wonderful a cozy fire is in the fireplace, but I absolutely love it! We have a gas fireplace that has a thermostat, so it only comes on when the temperature gets to a certain point in the living room. If I was tall enough, I'd set that thermostat to 90, then it would keep the fire going indefinitely. But, since I can't do that, I just relish the moments it comes on. I sometimes walk over and sit real close to the fireplace, willing it to come on. Then somehow, it magically does! I swear, I think Mommy or Grammy must be watching and that they increase the temperature on the remote just for me, but I'm sure I must be imagining it. Whatever the case I LOVE it.
Everyone has been getting all worried about me getting too close to the fireplace, even though I am a master Pixel fire dog. I stick my face sooooooo close to the fire, which has a metal curtain that can get hot. I've never gotten burned, but I know I make Mommy nervous, so for Christmas, Grammy bought, just for me, a fireplace protector screen. It's not to protect the fire she said, but to protect me! Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever? And so thoughtful. Now I can sit as close to the screen as possible and no one has to worry I might get burned, and no one has to try and get me to move back from it. Thank you Grammy!!
Did you get a thoughtful gift from someone this past holiday? I'd love to hear about it!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Joy of a Pretty Day - Pixel Dances In the Sunshine

When it's pretty outside and not too hot, I love to dance in the sunshine on the green, green grass!

First, I get up on my hind legs to see Mommy better and get into position.

Then I start twirling. I love how my ears fly as I twirl!

I get my front paws involved too, as they help me keep balanced. Then I throw my head back and enjoy it!

I always love to end my twirls with a huge smile! Tada!!

Do you like to dance in the sunshine?
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Joy of Being Cute - Pixel's "Puppy Dog Eyes"

As every dog knows, being cute and adorable is important. Just like the master of any fine skill, dog's have to practice some of their best techniques to stay sharp, er, I mean, cute and cuddly. This is one of my best "Puppy Dog Eyes" looks that I give Mommy sometimes. What do you think? Is it working?