Monday, May 13, 2013

Pixel's Kitty Sister Causes Monday Mischief

This is my special dress that I will be wearing for the awards ceremony at the Blog Paws convention this weekend. I've had it hanging up in Mommy's & my closet safe from getting hurt in any way...or so I thought. This weekend, when I was packing my doggie travel bag for the trip, I got my dress out and low and behold, it was torn.

I'm not naming names or anything (Snowflake), but I know that one of my kitty sisters (Snowflake) likes to climb up into our closet and play in there. Why did she think this was a toy? 
I asked, "What are we going to do Mommy? I can't wear a dress like this. I know I don't usually like wearing clothes, but Blog Paws is special. I was even ready to do a trick or two in it for friends there." Then Mommy said the most wonderful thing....
"Sweet Pixel, I can fix this dress. We are very lucky that only the inner lining got ripped up, the outside of the dress is still perfect! Let me see what I can do."
"Yayyy! Thank you Mommy, I can't wait to see what you do!" I said with a huge smile on my face.
Next thing I know, Mommy takes the dress and in a mere five minutes, comes back and it looks perfect. All she had to do was cut off the inner lining part, it still looks beautiful and no one would ever know, except for everyone who reads this blog, BOL! So, kitty mischief or not, I still have a dress for Blog Paws!
I still need to go have a talk with the kitty (Snowflake) in question. "Oh Snooooowflake!"


  1. I think Snowflake must be a little jealous. Or maybe that was Snowflakes way of letting you know she is with you when you are there. Your Mom worked Magic!

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  2. What a bummer! My cat bro Bert has ruined so much stuff around our house...cats! I love my 2 cat sibs but sometimes they are so naughty!

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  3. Uh-oh, I think Snowflake is in big trouble! Thank goodness Mommy could fix that dress! You are going to look so sweet in it, Pixel. Since I won't be there, I hope Mommy shares some nice photos of you in it! :)

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  4. Yea, Mom saved the day Pixel!! You will look just beautiful in your pretty little dress! Dying to see pix of you in it!

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