Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Joy of MORE Happy Endings from the Shelter - Pixel Shares Recent Adoptions 2013

See these sister's happy ending below!
On this lovely Wordless Wednesday, I thought it would be great to see some more of the dogs and cats that Mommy and I have helped find homes for in the last month or so. Mommy volunteers each week taking pet portraits of the animals at our local shelter, then spends hours optimizing photos & making adoption posters. She also works directly with the shelter staff and with various rescue groups across the East Coast, finding homes for as many animals as possible. Every animal you see below, Mommy took their photos, made the posters, and worked with many wonderful people to help find them homes. She posts every poster (some are simpler than others based on time frame and urgency of getting the pets photos out there) on the Smyth County Animal Shelter Facebook page, and co-admins the page with our wonderful friend Officer Kristy Moore. She's amazing and works tirelessly for the animals everyday, along with all the wonderful shelter staff. 
My part in all this is that I am very supportive of Mommy and help her get ready each week, then I sit with her for hours while she does all the additional work to get their faces out there. I share many of their posters on my "Pixel Blue Eyes" Facebook page and some of my fans have ended up adopting a friend for life after seeing them on my page. I've helped her make and model bandanas for them, I have tested out squeaky toys to make sure they will serve these pets well, and of course give love, encouragement & moral support when some happy endings don't happen. 
Look at all these wonderful pets, given a second chance at finding the joy in life!
Mr. G was surrendered by his owners, even though he was great with kids, other pets & was house trained.
He is blind in one eye & is going to a "Dogs with Disabilities" rescue. 

Rusty was found as a stray & is super sweet & gentle. No one came to look for him. Our friends at City Dog Rescue in DC rescued him, will get him neutered & will find him a wonderful home!

Mommy got to meet this senior boy's new parents a few Saturday's ago while taking pet photos. She took this quick "Group Photo" of her & Bo as she was preparing him to leave & start his new life with a loving Mommy & Daddy!
This is Officer Kristy Moore, having fun with Jack, a little 'owner surrendered' kitten whose 3 other siblings had been adopted that week. She loves the animals so much, and takes great care of them.

Silver was a super handsome boy who had the most amazing amber eyes Mommy had ever seen. She had him as her Facebook cover photo to try and help him get even more exposure. He was adopted & loves his new life!
This special girl, Sunny, LOVED to climb the kennel walls quite literally, and she met Mommy and the shelter employees at the door on more than one occasion. Mommy worked extra hard with some wonderful ladies to find a great foster home for Sunny where she could learn to be a professional agility dog. How exciting!!

Here's Jack with his brother Ace...looking all serious but trust me, they were both a handful of funny, playful mischief! They are loving life in their new homes now.

King was so nervous at first that Mommy could only take photos while he sat inside his cage. But he was SO sweet
once he realized that she would not hurt him. Finally a shelter attendant was able to hold him. He loved it!

Queenie & Poppy (Ace & Jack's sisters) were total supermodels for Mommy during their photo shoot. Queenie could be quite a clown as well though, and we have some pretty funny outtakes of her antics!!

Sweet Baby here was at the shelter for over a month, waiting for her forever home. Finally, a wonderful cat rescue group, Appalachian Animal Rescue took her in, got her fixed and will help her find a loving wonderful home. I know it must be so tough on them when it seems like forever and no one adopts them. 
Bryson was a sweet, handsome, unique looking blue Heeler Cattle dog that was surrendered by his owners for reasons unknown. He was adopted by a young woman who had two other dogs of the same breed. She later shared video of Bryson 'herding' a giant ball as tall as he was through her yard. It was wonderful to see!!

Frosty and Snowball were two beautiful sister surrendered by their owners. Their best chance was adopting them separate, even though they'd always been together.  Mommy says they only had about 2 days to find homes for them. Snowball was adopted by a wonderful local family who just adores her and send the shelter updates.
Frosty was rescued by our friends at City Dog Rescue in DC, where they will find her a fantastic new home.
Matt, shown above, was one of the the most extreme cases that anyone had ever seen. Mommy believes he escaped from a puppy mill somehow, and managed to get himself a safe distance away, even though he was carrying 3 lbs and 6+ years worth of extremely matted, dirty hair. They got him groomed and found a very handsome boy underneath. In these photos, Mommy is holding him, after spending 20 minutes just helping him feel safe enough to be touched. Officer Kristy took these great photos. (Matted photo taken by officials when they took him to the vet right after finding him.)
Matt was rescued by "Mutts Matter Rescue" out of Maryland, who had a Roanoke VA representative come and get him. They will be able to truly rehabilitate him and find him a loving home that understands his special needs. He will live in the 'lap of luxury' from now on!

I know this is not a normal "Wordless Wednesday" post, but in a fits. These animals were once wordless, they had no voice when they were first brought to the shelter, yet they had much to say. We helped them get a voice, be seen, and get a second chance at life. Isn't that what makes our life worthwhile? Making a difference for others?


  1. I vote you Angel of the day!! What a HUGE difference you and your friends have made in the lives of these beautiful little gifts of joy! I'll never understand being mean to a defenseless little baby! I am happy that the owners of some turned them in rather than leave them to become totally defenseless strays but hate to see any pup without the love of a furever home!! Thank you sooo much for being such a special and wonderful person! You made my day!

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  2. PS I think Pixel is probably one of the most fascinating looking dogs ever! Love to stare at Pixel!

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  3. Great information Pixel thanks for sharing. I wish I could adopt all the unwanted doggies and kitties.Your Mommy and you are doing a great job/ministry.

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