Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Joy of Family & Fun - Pixel's Festival Adventure

I am reporting to you from the back seat of my Auntie's car right now, because sometimes you have to report where the action is...or was. Saturday, all the girls (human & canine) in my family went to a festival in a nearby town called Plumb Alley Day. I went with Mommy, Auntie Helen, Grammy, Peanut Pumpkin Pie and Dixie Mae Doxie to a wonderful festival in another town.
Mommy & I sat in the back seat, Auntie & Peanut drove & Grammy & Dixie were their side seat drivers. The festival is called Plumb Alley Day, but we found out when we got there that they weren't celebrating plums at all. Nor where they celebrating Plumbers or even alleys. We were very curious as to what this "Plumb Alley" was all about, so we set out to find the truth...and some fun!
When we first arrived on the scene, I of course had to scout things out first. I might not be in charge of the show, but I like being part of the security team...pink dress or not! No one would ever guess a little dog in a pink dress could be law enforcement, but by golly I am. I am always happy to protect and serve while still remaining stylish & cute!
After I felt it was safe, I let Dixie take charge of navigation. She's been getting much more brave and confident over the last month or so, and I am so happy that she is feeling that good about things! o, Dixie Mae Doxie led the way through the crowds as we headed to the food & the music. She was fearless! Look at her pretty ears swishing while she walks with style.

The first thing we saw was a huge crowd of people and pets, and some great dancing being done by the Crooked Road Cloggers. These girls were fantastic and had a fun time dancing to all kinds of music! Their sparkly sequin shoes looked so pretty in the sun. Now that is a creative 'tap shoe'.
They just started a new Facebook page, so if you like dancing and want to support a local small town group, please go visit their page. They were so kind to us pups too! We talked to them after they were done and each one of them were very nice. In case you didn't know, the "Crooked Road" is a 300 mile long Virginia Musical Heritage road, with many wonderful stops that share the rich history of country and bluegrass music along the Appalachian mountain chain.
We met lots of doggies while walking along the "Plumb Alley"...we found out that it is indeed an actual alley. It's a long narrow road behind Main Street in downtown Abingdon Virginia. Vendors, non profit groups, and businesses of all kinds come and sell new and used wares, food, snacks, and everything in between.
This is Morgan (amber colored dog) and her brother Sledge (cream colored Brindle) who are both English Mastiffs. They were SO nice and gentle to everyone. The little kids were so gentle with them too, it was great to watch. I even sniffed noses with Morgan from my carrier. She was very nice and had a great smile.
Even though I was in my carrier, that didn't mean I was off duty. I met a lot of nice people who were very sweet, but I also kept my watchful Pixel eyes sharp for any signs of trouble. In this day and age, you can never be too careful. Part of my years of training includes the fact that I can turn my head around really far while in that carrier, with a 270 degree area of vision. Just don't make me sit facing out...I feel like I'm floating but not in a good way. So I always sit facing Mommy so I can give her surprise kisses when she least expects it.
Dixie wanted to sniff every single thing that was not (or even was) nailed down. She was just amazing to watch. "Hey Mommy, I'm pretty sure they're cooking fresh dog bones down this part of the alley."
She looked so pretty in her bright red & white polka dot dress. She makes such a beautiful puppy mill survivor advocate doesn't she? No wonder everyone wanted to pet her.
We all were just so happy that Dixie enjoyed herself. She let pretty much anyone pet her who wanted to, whether it was little kids or big adults. She has come so far since adopting us as a scared, uncertain little rescue. She loves her new life and is feeling more and more comfortable everyday!
Grammy and Dixie have such a great bond that they both share too. It is beautiful to see her feel so safe and loved in Grammy's arms. They are crazy about each other!

Everyone really loved that all three of us girls were 'dressed for the occasion'. Peanut was quite a people watcher. She's been sick for a long time, so it was great to be able to bring her out to have some fun. Her hat was just too adorable for words, but it also served to protect her delicate eyes from the sun. She has eye issues, so her Mommy takes extra precautions.
This is Smokey, another cute dog we met while at Plumb Alley Day. He was helping his Mommy in their "Sweet Virginia Girls" booth sell pretty hair accessories and other items to make a girl feel pretty. They are advocates for Autism and are helping raise funds for those who live with Autism and their families. We of course bought several items from them.
Several times throughout the Dixie Mae Doxie went off to seek adventure on her own, not realizing that she was always tethered to a lead. She sniffed everything and anything. Dixie didn't meet a single blade of grass that she didn't know.
She always came back though, but only after she felt satisfied that all had been investigated and properly assessed to her liking. This little lady is just as much an adventurer as I am! What a brave little sister I have! She won the crown for being "Miss Mischievous" paws down.
We brought our own food, so we had a small picnic in the car after we had sufficiently tired ourselves out. It was too hot to eat outside, so the air conditioned car made a perfect spot to eat.  Everyone was passing bags of food to and fro, so anything that passed my way to Mommy was inspected for safety by yours truly. I am becoming a wheat/gluten sniffing dog for Mommy...at least in my mind I am!
Peanut was very interested in what Mommy was eating in the back seat with me, even though her own Mommy was eating the very same thing, BOL. She looks awfully adorable with her sweet smiling face! Our picnic included homemade gluten free banana nut muffins, hard boiled eggs, cheese, some other nums I can't remember, drinks, and one special treat we bought while at the festival...fresh, made in front of you cinnamon-sugar coated pecans, guaranteed gluten free. Us pups can't eat nuts, but we did get to have tiny bits of the banana muffin without the nuts. It was a great picnic!!
Finally, after getting fully exhausted from the festivities, and then getting a nice full belly, we started our drive back home. Peanut and Dixie Mae were completely worn out and slept most of the way home.
As I sat in Mommy's lap on the way home, I was so happy we had all gone to the Plumb Alley Day festival. It was a great opportunity to support our local community, have fun and spend time with family. I thought about how blessed I am to get to do so many neat things, and how far I've come from being a scared little dog myself when I first adopted and rescued Mommy. Then I thought about the next big adventure that I might have. I heard that some amazing "Flying Houndz Trick Dog Show" is going to be at Woofstock next weekend. Now, to convince Mommy & the family to go to "Woofstock" next weekend....
This is a recap of my adventure for the "Monday Mischief" blog hop hosted by Alfie, My Brown Newfies and Snoopy's Dog Blog. Go by and visit their blogs, and click on some of the links below to see what other mischief occurred with my fellow pet bloggers this weekend.


  1. Talk about girls out painting the town!!! Wow, now THAT is an instant party right there! Loved all their little outfits too! Super cute! Looks like a fun time was had by all and I know you made a lot of peeps days!

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    1. We sure did paint the town, didn't we Max! I'ms so glad you liked my story. It's always great to hear from you my friend.
      Sending love & hugs! ~ Pixel

  2. I love Dixie's outfit! Very Minnie Mouse without the head scarf. But of course, Pixel, you're the prettiest of them all! Looks like y'all had a great time!

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  3. How fun! You all looks so cute but Peanut Pumpkin Pie takes the cake with that visor/hat! Love it!

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  4. You look great! Here is a video of a friend of mine who looks like peanut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cl4V96hJ9XQ

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  5. Lovely day out! I love your carrier!

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  6. It was fantastic to meet you and Pixel at BlogPaws - love these photos!

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