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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Joy Riding with Mommy - Pixel's Wordless Wednesday

Taking trips with the family, hanging out with Mommy, singing in the car with her, joy riding.
The joy we share in the car never gets old. 
However, the following verifies she should never leave her cell phone
within easy reach of my paws!
Image of Pixel Blue Eyes Face Close Up Wearing Seat Belt Harness
My "Vehicle Protection Watchdog" Look
Image of Pixel Blue Eyes with her Mommy in Background inside Car
You can never have too many "Mommy and Me" Selfies
Image of Pixel Blue Eyes leaning against her Mommy's Chest
Snuggled against Mommy while seat belted securely in place
I'm very serious about canine car safety as I wear my seatbelt.
Getting a little sleepy on one of our family car rides...
Did someone in the car say "Wendy's food break"??
"Who Let the Dogs Out? Who, who, who??" BOL!!
It doesn't get any better than trips with the family.
Contemplating on just how lucky and blessed I really am.
Happy Wordless Wednesday friends!! On this day, many bloggers take a break from the many words that escape our minds (and make their way to the virtual page) and share photos we love. 
This Wordless Wednesday is hosted by my good friends at BlogPaws! July is "Pet Safety Month", so you'll notice that in several photos, I'm wearing my Kurgo Tru-Fit dog harness safety seat belt, which I now wear for ALL car rides with Mommy.
She and I both feel much more secure for my safety now that I have it.
Check out some of my fellow pet bloggers below to see what other "Wordless Wednesday" fun is being shared...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Joy of Bed Head - Pixel Top 25 Rockin' 80's Hair Band Songs

Well, the vet and radiologist has discovered through scans of my spine that I have a couple of troublesome disc spaces between vertebrae sections T12-T13 and T13-L1. So, I'm STILL on continued limited mobility duty for now while they come up with a plan of action to get me better. All I do is lay around all day long, acting like a lazy rock star with nothing but time on my hands.
All my pet blogging friends are preparing for the BlogPaws convention in Nashville, but I'll be staying home this year. I sure wish I could be there, but I can read all about the fun and festivities through their posts and pages. I could be singing the blues...but I've got a better idea.
With all this forced "bed rest" due to my spine issue and funny walking, I tried to tell Mommy that too much time under the covers is bad for a girl's hair...but she's not buying it and won't let me run around like I want. I mean, look at this mess! I definitely should be in an 80's hair band with this crazy bed head happening right now. I figured I'd better get a good list of songs together, since I'm poised and ready to be in an 80's hair band, so I got all my Facebook friends to help me come up with a list of all the greats.
Pixel's Top 25 Rockin' List of 80's Hair Band Songs:
1. "Pour Some Pixel on Me" by Def Leppard
2. "Welcome to the Pixel" by Guns & Roses
3. "Home Sweet Pixel" by Motley Crue
4. "Running' with the Pixel" by Van Halen
5. "Every Rose Has It's Pixel" by Poison
6. "C'mon Feel the Pixel" by Quiet Riot
7. "Pixel Looks Like a Lady" by Aerosmith
8. "Pixel Medicine" by Bon Jovi
9. "Takin' Care of Pixel" by Bachmann Turner Overdrive
10. "What's Pixel Got To Do With It?" by Tina Turner
11. "Enter Pixel" by Metallica
12. "Pixel's Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister
13. "I Remember Pixel" by Skid Row
14. "Hot for Pixel" by Van Halen
15. "Pixel Road" by Cinderella
16. "The Ballad of Pixel" by LA Guns
17. "More Than Pixel" by Extreme
18. "In the Pixel of the Night" by Whitesnake
19. "You Give Pixel a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi
20. "No One Like Pixel" by Scorpion
21. "Sweet Pixel of Mine" by Guns & Roses
22. "Don't Need Nothing' But a Pixel" by Poison
23. "What About Pixel" by Heart (these ladies had some of the BEST 80's hair of all!)
24. "Once Bitten Twice Pixel" by Great White
25. "Billion Dollar Pixel" by Alice Cooper
This is certainly not an all comprehensive list, but it is an excellent start. Now that I've got my song list, all I need is a road crew and I'll be able to go on tour!
And why stop here? What about an "I Love the 80's" list of songs from other greats like Madonna, and all those silly bands with interesting hairstyles and hats??
Leave a comment below of a song you want to see in my next list and I'll make sure to include it. I've got a second list going already. I hope you had fun friends!!
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