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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Joy of Surprise Giving & Kindness

One of my favorite sayings is "Good things come in small packages". I've always thought it meant me when I found my Mommy, but it has many meanings. Last week it had a more literal context for me in the form of a package.
Choco is so pretty & has a warm smile. (Photo from her Instagram account)
My friend Choco, a beautiful chocolate lab girl, and her Mommy make pretty collar bows for dogs and cats. Choco is called the "world's friendliest dog" and with good reason. She is SO sweet and friendly. We became fast friends, especially since we both love our Mommies, we love smiling and we love pretty girl stuff. One day clear out of the blue (but during an especially tough tail nub pain time) Choco asked if I liked pink. Well of course I said yes! She asked if she could send me something. Next thing I know, a special delivery from Canada came in the mail. I was SO excited!
When I opened it up, there was the prettiest handmade card and a pretty little wrapped package. It put an instant smile on my face!
Mommy and I read the card together that Choco sent. It was very kind of her and her Mommy to send such a nice surprise. I like doing things for others, because it just feels good to make others feel special. Well this time I was the one who felt special!  No matter who you are, it's always nice to get an unexpected gift.
Inside the wrapped gift was a lovely collar bow with pink sequin and silky ribbon for me to wear.
It certainly made me feel special and look pretty. Thank you sweet Choco for my wonderful collar bow! Every time I wear it I will think of you my friend.
As you can see, Mommy took some photos with her good camera and some with her phone camera. Here's a special collage Mommy made from all the photos she took with her cell phone.

Now, I can't wait to return the favor. Why don't I start with getting sweet Choco more friends. Just visit her Twitter and Instagram pages to become a friend, and make sure to tell her I sent you.
Have you ever gotten a little surprise that made you smile? Have you ever given a little surprise or done something special for another? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it.
Did you know that I'm on Twitter and Instagram too? Come by and say hi friends!

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Joy of Laughter with a Friend - Black & White Sunday

For Black & White Sunday, I thought I'd revisit a special set of photos with my dear friend Randolf the Red-Eyed Monkey from this past November. We really enjoy each other's company.
Black & White Photo of Pixel talking with Randolf the Red Eyed Monkey Toy He really makes me laugh!

Black & white photo of Pixel listening to Randolf the Red Eyed Monkey Toy tell her something And he always makes me smile!

Black and White Sunday blog hop is hosted by my friends Dachshund Nola & Sugar the Golden Retriever ...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Uncle Happydog - A Letter of Love one Week Later

Dear uncle Happydog, today marks a week since you left us. We all miss you so much! Little Dixie, our sweet sister that came to live with us just 9 days before you left...well she misses you too. This photo was taken after Grammy & Grampy had to take you to the vet because you were so sick the day before God came to get you. She and I were both in Mommy Jenny's arms as Peanut Pumpkin Pie, Auntie Helen, and us girls watched you leave that day, not sure if you would be returned to us. Dixie was just as distraught as any of us, and after we all left the window, she ran back to the window and leapt up to this perch to watch for you to return. It broke our hearts to see that, and yet filled us with joy at how much she loved you so quickly. That is just the kind of boy you were Happydog, everyone couldn't help but love you. We were blessed to have you come back that day, and God gave us one more night and morning with you, but you let us know that next morning that you were being called home. 
I want you to know that Dixie and I are getting along famously. I am no longer uncertain, and we have slept on the same bed together, we can play close by each other, we've even had a time or two of barking at the neighbors together, though it's still not the same on the back deck without you. Dixie and I have even chosen to lay in our big round playpen at the same time, you'd be so proud! Dixie is helping to heal Grammy & Grampy's hearts and I am so very glad of that. All 3 of us girl pups are doing that. Today I laid up against Grammy's left hip while she was writing, just like you always did. She said I was taking up where you left off, and I was so honored that she saw what I was doing. I promise to help take care of things while you are away. Well, I'd better go now. I want to introduce Dixie to some of more of my friends. I've got some really pretty photos of her to share. I love you Happydog.
Love always, Pixel